Yuri [Angel Beats] [PVC Fig.]

property of 1999.co.jp

property of 1999.co.jpGood Smile company came with this incredible PVC version of Yuri, the protagonist from the Angel Beats series.

The figure consists of numerous details that stay true to the original artwork.

The uniform, the gun, the other parts of the equipment and she looks younger and cuter than she was in the anime.

The producer was Sanzigen, manufactured by the good Smile Company.

Yuri is one of a kind. The story of Angel Beats set us into this afterlife universe where people tried to pass their existence and move on .

Yuri was angry with her fate so she decided to fight against God and her minions. The show is very good – you gotta check it out if you didn’t saw it.

The figure will hit the market April next year and she can be pre-ordered for 4.695 yens.


Hey..anyone there?

Sorry for being away from this blog these several days but I haven’t felt like writing anything at all, well I don’t feel like writing now either but…

So, how you’ve been doing? As for me, I’m very busy with work and shit plus that I began writing on my final paper [The values of the radio transmitted information] and I don’t know which way to continue.

I haven’t seen any anime at all. I haven’t played nothing but Counter Strike and Quake 2 lately [when I was in the mood]. I just saw some movies and then most of the times I was sleeping to regain my powers because [you know] I work.

I can’t wait for the Christmas to arrive to have some peaceful days and enjoy the holidays. Nothing else to say though…I just try to hang in there and be myself all the time. Sometimes life sucks, sometimes it’s cool – I have to move on all the time.

I just happen to have three free days [thank you Lord] so Imma be in here a few times to let you know that I’m still into what you search on this blog.

Best wishes to you all!

DOOM 3: Thoughthrough [part 1]

Well, sometimes I just can’t get enough of some games. Obviously Doom 3 hits the spot. Why this love for a single game? Well, because it is awesome as it is and it’s not the fact of continuing a great sensation that started with the classical shooter. Nope, Doom 3 is something different and I’m going to explain this loud and clear.

– Doom as a story is containing several interesting parts. You take one organization that has available options for people who are motivated to cross the moral barriers, for money or for the love of science. If I would be there, knowledge would be the reason of my actions.

– From the beginning, we can see how developed the scientific site is. UAC has unlimited funds as stated in the game, so the people in higher places provided everything.

– The conflict is almost revealed when the counselor and Sarge enter the facility. Amazing things will happen soon, Betruger says.

– The Personal Data Assistant [PDA] is the most useful device conceived for the game. You can access information that helps you understand the situation you’re in. It can provide data about security codes and other things that require your attention.

– Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3 – that’s my kind of game :)) you can see the similarities between Doom and this playable mini game.

– The great thing about escorts is that you can get aid in confronting imps, zombies or whatever comes your way. And you cannot get lost.

– When things get dark, things get messy. And as an optional treat, these scenes are meant to scare the shit out of you. Boo!

Why Harry Potter VII isn’t Harry Potter anymore

I never considered myself a fan of the Harry Potter series and books, I’m not into magic at all and I didn’t play all the Harry Potter games. And here I am, talking about the latest Harry Potter movie which I had the chance to see today.

You probably wonder what’s with the title…well did you see Deathly Hallows? If you didn’t just hurry up and hit the cinema. If you did see it, read carefully. You could end up having the same ideas as me.

First of all, if a story is told in more than one movie, here intervenes the inevitable character evolution.

You just have to realize that everything about these characters has changed, from heroes to villains and backwards.

And it’s not only the thing that they’ve grown up and are more sensitive to the surrounding world. Friendships are meant to last but they can be unstable when doubt and other effects of the dark side come into play. Especially when a girl is involved [spoiler – the case of Harry and Ron for example].

Why Harry Potter ain’t Harry Potter no more? Well the answer is quite simple. The previous movies didn’t offer the audience a big percentage of dramatism like this one did.

And I’m not referring only to the death of some characters but also to the struggle of them as a whole in order to keep Voldemort and his minions away. From pain and suffering you shall receive eternal gratitude.

It may be a fantasy tale but it is close to our reality…[the scene when Harry and Hermione are left alone after Ron decides to leave the group having his mind darkened – Harry tries to bring a little joy into Hermione’s mind by inviting her to dance – I’ve seen that many times and I understood that even in shady times you can catch a glimpse of the sunshine].

So, with so much changed elements you can’t say this movie ain’t good – it’s probably better than the previous three. And the whole story of the Deathly Hallows is a good one. Besides that we must thank the director, David Yates for creating a masterpiece.

Alter presents: Dizzy

Figure expos seem to bring out for fans all that is best when talking to PVC depictions of anime/game characters.

Recently there’s been made public the newest sculpture of Dizzy [from the Guilty Gears series and with a special apparition in the Queen’s Gate artbooks collection].

And by the look of it – only one word comes into my mind right now – AMAZING.

Just look at the details – the outfit, the well-proportioned limbs and the two entities representing Good and Evil from which Dizzy gains power.

If you played Guilty Gears at least once, you probably know Dizzy can become your favorite character in just a few minutes. Speaking of which – I gotta play GGXX #Reloaded today, just for the sake of seeing Dizzy in action again 😀

Kosaka Kirino Wave Ver.

From the series “My Little Sister Cannot Be this Cute” for all moe-suckers, there’s been released the possibility of pre-ordering the figure.

Kosaka Kirino in a colorful bathing suit with interchangeable parts – well-proportioned, interesting facial expressions which stay true to the animated character and moeness all along.

The figure will hit the market in may 2011 and it can be pre-ordered on Hobby Search for 3230 yens.

Producer: Hokusho, manufactured by Wave.

Ghost in the Shell 3D Movie announced

The first Ghost in the Shell movie will receive a remake in “full 3D” that tries to gather the fans around and make them feel like stepping into a cyborg universe.

Some scenes will be changed [probably], the 3D effects will accentuate the action, will offer a new light upon the plot and the evolution of characters.

Being a fan of GITS I always wanted more and more of it. I wouldn’t mind if a new series will hit the market after this remake.

Ghost in the Shell is probably the best cyborg-oriented anime and the movie was truly a masterpiece, intensive, provocative and exciting. A 3D remake sounds promising.