Model Photo Shoot

The Sankei Sports publication announced that on September 26 there will be organized the 5th Model Bikini Photo Session.

For 7,500 yens, the participants can take pictures of 5 girls: Lio [24-Tokyo Model], Tomoyo Hoshino [18-High-school student], Kana Kanisawa [25-from Miyagi], Erika Kuroishi [25-from Ibaraki] and Kaori Mizusawa [21-Chiba Model].

Of course there are some restrictions related to the shooting-angle and recording the sessions.

12478986375Tomoyo Hoshino-photo by

Iketeru Futari gets live-action

The plot of Takashi Sano’s “Iketeru Futari” will be adapted into a live-action production. The release date for the theatrical version of the manga/anime is October 2nd in Tokyo’s Cinemart Roppongi theater. The story centers around Kyosuke Saji [Takayuki Yoshida] who develops a crush on one of the most beautiful girls in school, Koizumi Akira [Yuka Kyomoto].


official site: Iketeru Futari

source: ANN

Last seen…

Now this are my last 3 seen movies. And I know you don’t give a damn about it.


the-flyboysA very interesting war-drama. Flyboys deals with the aerian battles between France and Germany in the First World War. After watching this, you’ll always want to be closer to the sky.

2.-28 days later

28dayslatermovieposterIn 28 days, Great Britain becomes a dangerous island, habited just by a few survivors and lots, lots of zombies. Can you remain alive? Watch out for their hunger for blood. In about 20 seconds you’re one of them.


Doomsday_posterWhen you’re infected with this strange virus, you’ll not get any help. The government will put you behind a wall, for quarantine. When there are signs of survivors, the rumours travel fast. So, there is a cure, or something that will help to create one. Somebody must travel there and find it, quick. Beautiful and hot actress Emma Cleasby on this one.

Mendol-Ikemen Idol

So, this is my recently watched j-drama: MENDOL-IKEMEN IDOL

Mendol-Ikemen Idol Poster-by

The story goes this way: Three beautiful young ladies tried so hard to get a chance to become idols. But they always failed, even if they got talent.

One day, they find something they shouldn’t and an assassin is on their trails. Because of this, they’ll have to totally change their lives.

So when there is this last shot for the top-spot, they accept to become Ikemen Idols-male singers. So, Asahi, Nami, and Hinata became the members of Persona.

This entire dorama offers interesting and amuzing situations, funny characters and there is always something that goes wrong, in each episode. It was pretty good, it made me laugh. But it was too short.


Dear diary…(+18)

Dear diary…it’s Sunday afternoon. Today I shot 43 people. I started at the mall with two old people and I continued on my way home. Damn I shot a little girl too. She was like 7-8 years. She freakin’ tried to bit me. I don’t know about kids these days. They’re all f***ed-up. Anyway I shot my best friend Andy. I also shot Mr.’s Smith fiancee. Damn she was a hottie.

(tears) I shot my brother and my mom. I blew their heads off. I went to the police station and I wanted to get arrested. But they offered me another solution. They wanted a piece of my flesh as punishment. I said “Damn noo” so I killed’em.

I was hungry. I went to the shop next to my house. I shot all the customers. When I wanted to leave the place, Danny’s brother bit me.

I killed him and I got back home. I started to fell sick. I wrote this in my diary…goodbye dear diary. I shot my diary. Then, I shot myself after watching “Diary of the Dead”.

poster_DiaryOfTheDeadPoster2Diary of the Dead Poster

Watch it or I’ll shoot you too.

(Everything you read is just me talkin’ sh*t…It’s fiction so don’t believe what you read!!!)

Please stop Curien

Do you love Sega? Do you enjoy shooting…zombies? Cuz I’m damn sure you do. And I’m so damn sure I do it too. So, I picked up a movie from one of my favourite directors…Uwe Boll. He likes videogames and movies based on’s what he does. Most people don’t like his movies…but I do.

So today I’m going to talk about House of the Dead.

house_of_the_dead_posterHouse of the Dead Poster

Based on the game, this movie shows us starting with 2003 (production’s year) original footage related to the zombie world. It’s not the best zombie movie but it got me. I liked the development of the story. And it’s funny how all the zombie movies present the beginning of the end. That’s right…when there is no room in hell for the dead, they will walk the earth, again.

So tomorrow when I’ll be going out, I’ll watch out for the hidden enemy. I don’t want them to bit me. Neah, I’m too young to become a zombie myself. I’ll do exactly how the girl told me…I’ll stop Curien…before it’s too late.

The movie presents a group’s adventure on “La Isla del Morte” – “Death’s Island” where they’ll be attacked by a zombie army, created by a crazy spanish priest. He gained immortality, till he was beheaded. Now that’s an original way to become mortal again…ohh girl don’t chop me up 😛

Most of you will not find this movie as interesting as I do…so if you don’t want to watch’s okay…I’ll let the zombies know.

Phantom Lady

That’s right…time for a classic.

It was Sunday morning…it was sunny…it was the perfect time for a classic. So I’ve watched Phantom Lady. It’s not that old…just produced in 1944.

poster phantom ladyPhantom Lady Poster-by

It wasn’t bad at all. The story centers on the false accusations brought to Scott Henderson (Alan Curtis) about murdering his wife. in that evening, he was out with a “phantom lady” who refused to say her name to him. Because of that he will be incarcerated and this woman will be considered just a fiction. But here comes his assistant Carol ‘Kansas’ Richman (Ella Raines) who believes in his innocence. She will try to help him by bringing down the true killer…who is closer to them than they know.

Crime, mystery, black and white screen…what else would you possible want? You know what they say…an old movie…just like all the good movies. Yeah that’s right, old movies are good…not all of them but are better than most movies produced these days.

Directed by Robert Siodmak, written by Bernard C. Schoenfeld.

It was my Sunday’s morning classic…