Grotesque: Unrated Version

From the director and writer Koji Shiraishi, here comes:

Grotesque: Unrated Version

Gurotesuku-DVD Cover

Grotesque is a japanese horror-gore themed movie, produced this year and directed by Koji Shiraishi. The story behind this production is quite simple. A japanese surgeon [Shigeo Osako], obsessed with mutilating and torturing people is picking up his next victims. A young couple, Kazuo [Hiroaki Kawatsure] and Aki [Tsugumi Nagasawa] will soon discover the real struggle to survive.


Everything begins with their first date and they will be together till the end.

bscap0078The lights and the shooting place are just similar to those in Saw. Of course the story is different, but not totaly original. The movie’s idea is just like in the “Guinea Pig” and “Hostel” where are doctors who torture people. [that’s why I hate doctors and hospitals…damn]

bscap0079Kon’nichi-wa beautiful! So…for the first time here? Well, she’s there for the first and the last time. Not kind of my favourite character but…you’ll all see in the movie.

bscap0080Now, this guy is very brave. He endures the torture just for a girl he just met. A true gentleman.

bscap0082The Japanese Chainsaw Massacre – there are too many movies in which there are chainsaws as weapons…just too many.

bscap0083False hopes…that’s what everybody fears.

bscap0084Not the best movie you’ll ever see, but you know…for time to pass or just because brings you closer to japanese entertainment. [5.4 on imdb]

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