Ninja Girl-Assassin of Darkness

And another not so great film is Ninja Girl-Assassin of Darkness. There is a little bit of ninja part and no darkness at all.

3583879NinjaGirl2Because i don’t know much japanese, I’ll give you no info about the writer, director or cast. I couldn’t find anything on .net either.

Well the story goes this way. In a world full of spies, the ancient way of the ninja must be revived. There is this girl Naomi, who is affected by amnesia and she doesn’t remember anything. She is the last ninja as we see in this movie.

bscap0087She is Naomi-the fearless ninja warrior-yup-just let me get serious. The movie is not so brilliant. She kills all the enemies and there is no blood on the sword. Yeah, and besides that, her sister kills herself by cutting her wrist with a knife. In about two minutes she’s dead. So let me again, get serious. Do you know that her lover in this movie is a superhero. I couldn’t understand those scenes.

bscap0090The movie is not recommended for underage persons. It has erotic elements…and why I’m saying this when I’m listening “I got hoes…” :))

bscap0091Yes, another thing i hated in this movie were the lights and the yellow filling colour. They were used excessively.

So, in the end, it’s just another “not must have”. Sorry guys but it’s not that good as I expected.

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