Koizora-The Movie

Koizora [Sky of Love] is a japanese romantic drama, based on a novel presenting true facts.


There are not many movies that could make a man cry right? But this one is an exception. A true love story with both joy and sadness. It was my third japanese movie in two days and I’m so glad I’ve watched it. An interesting plot and remarcable characters.

Directed by Natsuki Imai, this movie is showing us a highschool love relationship between Mika Tahara [Yui Aragaki] and Hiro Sakurai [Haruma Miura]. It’s just another baby-love until the problems start to appear. First a baby, a family problem then the cancer. I’ll not give any more details to ruin your pleasure of watching it. And trust me, I think this is a “must see” in one’s life-time. The acting is great, the turn of events keeps you going and there’s a lot you can learn from this film.

Awards: the movie won 3 New Talent [Yui’s performance] awards and one Best Film award [Reader’s choice].

There is also a j-drama based on this movie. Just good for me to re-experience the plot.

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