Learning Japanese

I’m going to be straight on this one. I recently started to study japanese all by myself. I’m doing quite well. I enjoy the online free lessons and for beginning I think it’s enough. Maybe in the future I’ll need some more and different materials, but let’s not get so excited.

Anyway, today I was struck by this idea. What’s the real reason behind studying japanese? It’s because I love Japan so much? It’s because I want to see anime without subs or read RAW mangas? Or it’s because I never understand the lyrics of the j-pop I listen?

Well, I think that the reason gets more complicated than this. It’s like asking youself why do you do everything that you do. For now, I’m just going to study hard, cuz I know that the reason it’s not that important. It’s where I want to end up by doing this. [damn, I sound so Plato-ish]

One thought on “Learning Japanese

  1. Great to see another person learning Japanese! It’s also hard for me to explain my love for the Japanese language.

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