Anime Keyboards

Well, yes. This is the dream of every otaku: to have anime related useful devices. And now I’m talking about the new keyboard models from E-Junex.


(picture property of E-Junex)

You just woke up. You leave your bed, approaching the computer. You start your Pc and you look at your keyboard. That anime girl is waiting for you to touch…whatever key you like:P

For about 100$, you can have this anime customized keyboard. It’s just that you can add a lil’bit of anime-style into your everyday “sitting at the computer thing”. And I say it’s worth it. Damn, i gotta get one of these as soon as possible.


(picture property of E-Junex)

Another thing that I have to say is that this is a brilliant idea. The hardcore anime-fans will love these. And if you truly are into the anime thing, you must have one.

4 thoughts on “Anime Keyboards

  1. Wow!
    And just when I thought life couldn’t get any better for xebek.

    It never ceases to amaze me at how far you can take any sort of obsession. I guess if you have a passion for it, the sky’s the limit.

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