Dear diary…(+18)

Dear diary…it’s Sunday afternoon. Today I shot 43 people. I started at the mall with two old people and I continued on my way home. Damn I shot a little girl too. She was like 7-8 years. She freakin’ tried to bit me. I don’t know about kids these days. They’re all f***ed-up. Anyway I shot my best friend Andy. I also shot Mr.’s Smith fiancee. Damn she was a hottie.

(tears) I shot my brother and my mom. I blew their heads off. I went to the police station and I wanted to get arrested. But they offered me another solution. They wanted a piece of my flesh as punishment. I said “Damn noo” so I killed’em.

I was hungry. I went to the shop next to my house. I shot all the customers. When I wanted to leave the place, Danny’s brother bit me.

I killed him and I got back home. I started to fell sick. I wrote this in my diary…goodbye dear diary. I shot my diary. Then, I shot myself after watching “Diary of the Dead”.

poster_DiaryOfTheDeadPoster2Diary of the Dead Poster

Watch it or I’ll shoot you too.

(Everything you read is just me talkin’ sh*t…It’s fiction so don’t believe what you read!!!)

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