Phantom Lady

That’s right…time for a classic.

It was Sunday morning…it was sunny…it was the perfect time for a classic. So I’ve watched Phantom Lady. It’s not that old…just produced in 1944.

poster phantom ladyPhantom Lady Poster-by

It wasn’t bad at all. The story centers on the false accusations brought to Scott Henderson (Alan Curtis) about murdering his wife. in that evening, he was out with a “phantom lady” who refused to say her name to him. Because of that he will be incarcerated and this woman will be considered just a fiction. But here comes his assistant Carol ‘Kansas’ Richman (Ella Raines) who believes in his innocence. She will try to help him by bringing down the true killer…who is closer to them than they know.

Crime, mystery, black and white screen…what else would you possible want? You know what they say…an old movie…just like all the good movies. Yeah that’s right, old movies are good…not all of them but are better than most movies produced these days.

Directed by Robert Siodmak, written by Bernard C. Schoenfeld.

It was my Sunday’s morning classic…

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