Please stop Curien

Do you love Sega? Do you enjoy shooting…zombies? Cuz I’m damn sure you do. And I’m so damn sure I do it too. So, I picked up a movie from one of my favourite directors…Uwe Boll. He likes videogames and movies based on’s what he does. Most people don’t like his movies…but I do.

So today I’m going to talk about House of the Dead.

house_of_the_dead_posterHouse of the Dead Poster

Based on the game, this movie shows us starting with 2003 (production’s year) original footage related to the zombie world. It’s not the best zombie movie but it got me. I liked the development of the story. And it’s funny how all the zombie movies present the beginning of the end. That’s right…when there is no room in hell for the dead, they will walk the earth, again.

So tomorrow when I’ll be going out, I’ll watch out for the hidden enemy. I don’t want them to bit me. Neah, I’m too young to become a zombie myself. I’ll do exactly how the girl told me…I’ll stop Curien…before it’s too late.

The movie presents a group’s adventure on “La Isla del Morte” – “Death’s Island” where they’ll be attacked by a zombie army, created by a crazy spanish priest. He gained immortality, till he was beheaded. Now that’s an original way to become mortal again…ohh girl don’t chop me up 😛

Most of you will not find this movie as interesting as I do…so if you don’t want to watch’s okay…I’ll let the zombies know.

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