Last seen…

Now this are my last 3 seen movies. And I know you don’t give a damn about it.


the-flyboysA very interesting war-drama. Flyboys deals with the aerian battles between France and Germany in the First World War. After watching this, you’ll always want to be closer to the sky.

2.-28 days later

28dayslatermovieposterIn 28 days, Great Britain becomes a dangerous island, habited just by a few survivors and lots, lots of zombies. Can you remain alive? Watch out for their hunger for blood. In about 20 seconds you’re one of them.


Doomsday_posterWhen you’re infected with this strange virus, you’ll not get any help. The government will put you behind a wall, for quarantine. When there are signs of survivors, the rumours travel fast. So, there is a cure, or something that will help to create one. Somebody must travel there and find it, quick. Beautiful and hot actress Emma Cleasby on this one.

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