Mendol-Ikemen Idol

So, this is my recently watched j-drama: MENDOL-IKEMEN IDOL

Mendol-Ikemen Idol Poster-by

The story goes this way: Three beautiful young ladies tried so hard to get a chance to become idols. But they always failed, even if they got talent.

One day, they find something they shouldn’t and an assassin is on their trails. Because of this, they’ll have to totally change their lives.

So when there is this last shot for the top-spot, they accept to become Ikemen Idols-male singers. So, Asahi, Nami, and Hinata became the members of Persona.

This entire dorama offers interesting and amuzing situations, funny characters and there is always something that goes wrong, in each episode. It was pretty good, it made me laugh. But it was too short.


One thought on “Mendol-Ikemen Idol

  1. I totally agree, Mendol was way too short! Although, episode 12 was kind of a cliffhanger, so I’m clinging to the hope that they’ll make a second season.

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