Live Animals

Written and directed by Jeremy Benson.

Live AnimalsLive Animals poster

Live Animals it’s not the everyday low budget horror film. Even if the actors are not that popular and the movie is not making millions of dollars, it’s still a good experimental “Saw” wannabe.

After a lil’ party-time, a group of people discover that they we’re kidnapped and now are kept in an abandoned horse barn. Soon after, they find out that the real reason for this is to be sold to some fucked-up individuals, for unknown purposes. [the transport is made in some wooden boxes with the Live Animals notation on] Their real suffering begins when they try to get out or when they’re not behaving themselves. The punishment: torture. There are some bloody scenes in the movie but all the story is ruined by the fast development of the plot and not totally relating the scenes with each other. But still, I say it’s worth to watch. It’s not a masterpiece, but it’s an original piece of art.







Shocking discovery

Few days ago I wrote about the Crayon Shin-chan’s creator that has been missing for several days. After more time spent on investigations, there was a body found, having clothes resembling to the artist’s ones.

The remains were discovered in the Gunma Prefecture’s Mountains, where Usui usually goes hiking. There is no official statement that the remains belong to the artist, yet. It seems that the body has multiple fractures, maybe caused by falling down from a higher cliff. Only God knows what happened. 😦

It’s too late to apologize

That’s what Timbaland and One Republic told us, if you remember the track. Now it’s time for a former star to realize this. Story of Noriko Sakai.

I believe that Noriko never listened the song, cuz at a recent press conference, she cried. Yup crying for making a HUGE mistake that cost her too many things. The former pop-idol had some rough months this year [she’s not the only one…].

She has been missing since her husband was arrested for usage and possession of illegal substances. When she came back, we found out that she also has been doing drugs for some time. After too much stress and shit thrown at her [cuz some motherfuckers don’t get the idea of forgiving] she has been freed on bail.

Now she wanted to apologize for her mistake to her fans and to the people she used to work with. Too late. Why I’m saying this?

Because [and now this is true story] it happened to me not long ago. I did something wrong and now all the motherfuckers I know, they hate me. Well, who gives a fuck, cuz I always wanted to be a hated man [just to feel like Sawyer-LOST]. But not’s the main idea. People are sadistic, dark minded, fuck knows what they are, but one thing is for sure: they never forget, they never forgive. Fuck’em!

Sakari did the right thing, apologizing at a press conference. But this will not change the obstacles there are about to come. I’m just feeling sorry for her. Do you feel sorry too?

noriko sakaipicture by REUTERS

Shin-chan creator missing

Yoshito Usui, [51], known as the creator of Crayon Shin-chan has been missing since Friday. The police has started a search operation but till now there is no evidence of where the artist might be.

Speaking of Shin-chan, I proudly say that this is the first anime I ever saw. And it was dubbed in german 🙂 then I saw it in my native language. Anyway, it’s sad that a person is gone missing and his family and friends are worried.


Yuria-100 shiki gets live-action

Yet another sex-comedy manga will get live-action movie. I’m talking about Yuria-100 shiki, the story of a female android created for naughty-purposes, as in “being a sex-slave for the master”.

But she gets “tricksy” and she runs away. That’s the story in the manga. The movie will surely have a changed plot. Anyway, new video material for the AV actress Fujii Shelly.

I’m not sure how good this movie will be, with the cast and all, but you know, now you can get money out of everything [related to porn].

Anyway, gotta check out the manga and read it. Obviously, not totally enjoy it!

Muscles never die…WTF?

You heard right…Muscles never die:)) That’s the name presented in Japan for “Banlieue 13: Ultimatum”.

The movie which opens on september 19th in Japan, is the story of a violent district in Paris, France and the attemps of two traceurs, Leito and Damien to save that area from destruction. The movie features parkour stunts and I proudly say that I’m not totally behind this thing. I used to practice parkour and free-running, hell yeah, yesterday I’ve done a couple of frontflips and I climbed some old buildings. Anyway that’s not the important thing.

“Bikini queen Yuri Morishita, 24, showed how she works it at a special preview of French action flick “Banlieue 13 Ultimatum” held in Tokyo this week.”-posted on japantoday

She was dressed as one of the female characters from the movie and showed the public her new pole-dancing style. It’s just the japanese style of…you know what I’m saying.

Banlieue 13: Ultimatum is a must seen and the soundtrack it’s exceptional. Go for it or your muscles will surely die!

Last seen [part2]

This are the latest movies I’ve seen:

1.-X-men Origins: Wolverine [poster by]

X-men Origins: WolverineThis movie presents us the very beginning of the Wolverine story. There are so many similarities with the game and I don’t want to ruin you pleasure of seeing this film by giving you any spoilers. It’s just another good movie.

2.-American Zombie [poster by]

American ZombieZombies are a part of the modern-day society. But nobody knows the truth about their annual festival. A film-making group will have the chance to get there and shoot some things that people should know. With every second, everything it’s getting risky.

3.-The Final Destination [poster by]

The Final DestinationDeath surrounds us. It’s waiting for the perfect time to get it’s victims. Some unlucky guys at a nascar-racing contest will soon found out the real meaning of dying.

4.-Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind [poster by]

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless MindDo you want to erase the memories with the love of your life? Can you live without knowing the truth? Jim Carrey tells us the story of a couple who got problems and who are about to erase their memories of being together. Will they have the courage and strenght to fight with their love?

5.-The Blue Butterfly [poster by]

The Blue ButterflyThis is the story of a boy who got brain cancer and who’s last wish is to go to the jungle and catch a blue morph. An exciting adventure lies ahead of him. And in the end things will surely change.

6.-Ringu 0 [poster by]

282408Remember the tragedy…remember the victims…remember their faces…remember the person responsible for this. The nightmare is just about to begin in Ringu 0-The birthday.

7.-Martyrs [poster by]

MartyrsTorture is the main theme of this French horror movie. An association is studying the element of becoming a martyr, a special person they say, who is able to remain alive in extreme conditions and who has a vision of the life after death.