Two 13 years old japanese female students jumped to their deaths from the roof of a car park on Sunday. It was a suicidal act brought up by bullying at school.

In Japan it is said that bullying is a real social problem. Most of the students affected by this, end up killing themselves. Just imagine the scene of those two last bullying victims, holding each-other when they jumped. It’s so sad…

Even with so many victims, till now, there is no way to stop bullying. It’s not present only in Japan, but everywhere, but the main difference is that in Japan there are too many bullying cases.

Do you fit or not into the group? That’s a major problem when talking about bullying. Most of the bullies do what they do because their victims seem to be weak. I, personally, can’t remember being a victim of bullying and I never did such things, but I fear when I see a little boy or girl, doing and saying crazy shit to others. WTF it’s wrong with them?? Huh?

On the other hand, it’s the japanese educational system’s fault too, by teaching the children to always be organized as a group. And when you’re bullied and all alone in that group, you surely end up doing crazy things.

The last two victims of bullying were two young. Yesterday began a new  term in Japan’s schools, but unfortunately, those two students will never see again the school’s benefits.

Bullying…so damn sad!

BullyingThis is a bullying scene from the “Mondai no nai watashitachi” film translated as “We who have no problems” -picture by japanfocus.org

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