Last seen [part2]

This are the latest movies I’ve seen:

1.-X-men Origins: Wolverine [poster by]

X-men Origins: WolverineThis movie presents us the very beginning of the Wolverine story. There are so many similarities with the game and I don’t want to ruin you pleasure of seeing this film by giving you any spoilers. It’s just another good movie.

2.-American Zombie [poster by]

American ZombieZombies are a part of the modern-day society. But nobody knows the truth about their annual festival. A film-making group will have the chance to get there and shoot some things that people should know. With every second, everything it’s getting risky.

3.-The Final Destination [poster by]

The Final DestinationDeath surrounds us. It’s waiting for the perfect time to get it’s victims. Some unlucky guys at a nascar-racing contest will soon found out the real meaning of dying.

4.-Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind [poster by]

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless MindDo you want to erase the memories with the love of your life? Can you live without knowing the truth? Jim Carrey tells us the story of a couple who got problems and who are about to erase their memories of being together. Will they have the courage and strenght to fight with their love?

5.-The Blue Butterfly [poster by]

The Blue ButterflyThis is the story of a boy who got brain cancer and who’s last wish is to go to the jungle and catch a blue morph. An exciting adventure lies ahead of him. And in the end things will surely change.

6.-Ringu 0 [poster by]

282408Remember the tragedy…remember the victims…remember their faces…remember the person responsible for this. The nightmare is just about to begin in Ringu 0-The birthday.

7.-Martyrs [poster by]

MartyrsTorture is the main theme of this French horror movie. An association is studying the element of becoming a martyr, a special person they say, who is able to remain alive in extreme conditions and who has a vision of the life after death.

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