It’s too late to apologize

That’s what Timbaland and One Republic told us, if you remember the track. Now it’s time for a former star to realize this. Story of Noriko Sakai.

I believe that Noriko never listened the song, cuz at a recent press conference, she cried. Yup crying for making a HUGE mistake that cost her too many things. The former pop-idol had some rough months this year [she’s not the only one…].

She has been missing since her husband was arrested for usage and possession of illegal substances. When she came back, we found out that she also has been doing drugs for some time. After too much stress and shit thrown at her [cuz some motherfuckers don’t get the idea of forgiving] she has been freed on bail.

Now she wanted to apologize for her mistake to her fans and to the people she used to work with. Too late. Why I’m saying this?

Because [and now this is true story] it happened to me not long ago. I did something wrong and now all the motherfuckers I know, they hate me. Well, who gives a fuck, cuz I always wanted to be a hated man [just to feel like Sawyer-LOST]. But not’s the main idea. People are sadistic, dark minded, fuck knows what they are, but one thing is for sure: they never forget, they never forgive. Fuck’em!

Sakari did the right thing, apologizing at a press conference. But this will not change the obstacles there are about to come. I’m just feeling sorry for her. Do you feel sorry too?

noriko sakaipicture by REUTERS

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