Live Animals

Written and directed by Jeremy Benson.

Live AnimalsLive Animals poster

Live Animals it’s not the everyday low budget horror film. Even if the actors are not that popular and the movie is not making millions of dollars, it’s still a good experimental “Saw” wannabe.

After a lil’ party-time, a group of people discover that they we’re kidnapped and now are kept in an abandoned horse barn. Soon after, they find out that the real reason for this is to be sold to some fucked-up individuals, for unknown purposes. [the transport is made in some wooden boxes with the Live Animals notation on] Their real suffering begins when they try to get out or when they’re not behaving themselves. The punishment: torture. There are some bloody scenes in the movie but all the story is ruined by the fast development of the plot and not totally relating the scenes with each other. But still, I say it’s worth to watch. It’s not a masterpiece, but it’s an original piece of art.







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