UNICEF…still anti-loli [viewer discretion is advised]

The United Nations Children’s Fund [UNICEF] is still fighting the battle against creating lolicons all over the world. UNICEF started to blame Japan for the uncensored manga and anime, presenting underage characters in erotic or even sexual-explicit situations.

The group is just trying to avoid the world turning into child-abusers. Japan has restrictions when it comes about child photography, but UNICEF says that this is not enough till the manga and the anime with the same theme will be banned or at least censored. We all know that ain’t gonna happen…well at least not in my lifetime, or yours.

Still, because Japan failed to pass tougher anti-loli laws, the UNICEF’s Executive Director stated that if freedom of expression is only harming the young population, it should be restricted.

Speaking about that, the freedom of expression is something that keeps this world spinning on and on. And I’m not saying that I don’t want to help the youngsters to avoid porn [I’m with UNICEF on this one] but that this freedom will not be restricted. There are many more people fighting lolicons but don’t you think that they need our support to do this?

And just for the record, lolicons are those motherfuckers [well not exactly, cuz they don’t like aged women but young girls] who day-dream about having relations with underage females and I mean really underaged females. Damn sick bastards! How could you think about that? Man, it comes more and more obviously that 2012 is the end of the world:(

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