Just Anime

Maybe you read some of my articles…maybe you didn’t. I know you don’t give a fuck about what I write…and I surely don’t give a fuck if you read this. But what it’s essential is that you read this and now you’re wondering what I want to say. Well I’m a little drunk [:D] [after some glasses of wine] and back like never before:))

And that’s not all. It’s just one of those moments when you’re trying to express yourself in the most natural way. One of the moments when you want to state the thing loud and clear. OK…just fuck it! Just anime this time.

I’ve been busy doing crappy things around here, but once in a while I had some time to watch some videos and of course some anime episodes.

So, I’ll be talking just anime tonite. First of all some list with the latest watched series and episodes: [I hope you saw these as well]

Princess Lover-ep 01-06

Queen’s Blade-first season

Queen’s Blade OVAs

and the first three episodes from Queen’s Blade-Successor of the Throne-season2


The Sacred Blacksmith-01-02

Tu Aru Kagaku no Railgun-01-02

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni -01-06

Nyan koi-01


Kimi ni Todoke-01

This was just the beginning. From time to time I tend to reveal one side of me. Today I could be a game freak, playing all day long. Tomorrow maybe my passion for movies can revive and I’ll be watching 5-6 movies like in the old good days. [soon I’ll post about the latest seen movies:P]

But for now, I just want to talk about anime. I like to draw them, I like to watch them, I like to live them…three words…I LIKE THEM! It’s just anime…that’s what I feel.

About the fall anime season I got something to say. It seems that lesbian interactions are present in some of the series I began watching. Kampfer for example has a girl-on-girl story. One of the secondary characters fell in love with a kampfer [a person whose is capable of transforming into a powerful warrior]. I’m too tired now to give you names…you just have to watch this anime…lots of action in this one.

Kampferimage by http://www.qtorr.com

Another lez-anime is Tu Aru Kagaku no Railgun. And when you’ll see the love for onee-sama, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

And of course, my newest favourite series, Queen’s Blade. Echidna, one of the participants in the sacred battle for deciding the new queen, has lesbian tendencies.

Echidnapicture by animecharactersdatabase.com

One in all…it’s just anime all I want…for now. [I’m on my way of becoming an otaku…and when you’re thinking that I have to write for school an article about a sub-culture:P…of course they won’t be knowing that I’m writing about myself] [I just got to stay objective…in the end I’m a journalist, you know].

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