PSP Go[es down]

PSP Go is Sony’s new product in the console world. Go is absolute different from the classical PSP, being internet based, allowing gamers from all over the world to direct download their games from PlaystationStore [the only way to get your hands on the games].

With a minimum of 16GB of internal flash memory, the new model, released on the first of this month, will not totally replace the well-known PSP 3000.

Why? because the world still needs the other PSP models and Sony decided to continue with the production of it. And of course because the new PSP is not sold out like fresh bread.

From about 50,000 units available in France, only 8,000 were sold to PSP users. I personally confronted some-time ago with the idea of PC vs Console. And I heard rumours about the future of the consoles which will make the PCs to dissapear [yeah right]. Now it’s time to face the truth, dear reader. Consoles will never make PCs dissapear. It’s impposible. The game industry still relies on PC games and nowadays you see that most of the console games have a PC version.

So, I would prefer to sit am my Pc and play, I dunno, Wolfenstein, System Shock 2 or something. I feel that the crysis of consoles it’s about to restart.

Still Sony scheduled to release a new model of PSP next year:PSP 2! Maybe this one will sell better!


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