Dragon Ball Raging Blast

Dragon Ball Raging Blast, the latest DB themed game will be released on november 12th, for PS3 and XBOX360, no chance for PC sadly.

960298_20091006_790screen006picture property of gamespot.com

Gametrailers has a lot of trailers and gameplay footage here.

Developed and published by Namco Bandai Games, Raging Blast is a 3d Action Fighter set in the violent world of the Dragon Ball universe. You can choose from a large variety of characters to show and improve your battle skills. You know, it’s like a fan-art creation. You just image two of them fighting in an arena created in your mind….woooaa…wait..why did you imagined Goku vs Piccolo? This game is not just about them. It’s about…I don’t know what’s about cuz I’ll never play this one…but I’ll watch gameplay footage on youtube and hope that someday I’ll spend some hours enjoying it.

960298_20091006_790screen009picture property of gamespot.com

Still there are lots of retarded persons who will say that DB sucks and that this game is just a waste of time. So I have this message for you: KA-ME-HA-ME-HAAAAACK YOU :))

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