A certain history of gaming

So, I was watching these videos lately about retro games and I decided to write something about it.

I’m not totally behind the retro style in gaming, cuz I am a fan of Amiga and Nintendo games since I was little. Yup, most of you grew up with these. And I don’t mean just Mario Bros or Duck Hunting or whatever you think when you hear “retro game”. I mean the serious deal in playing all these. Yesterday I played the popular DOOM. Man…what an experience. It’s been a while since I played something like that. The game itself it’s simple…one of the best retro FPS [first person shooter] ever created. From DOOM I wanted more, so I was installing these emulators for Nintendo.

Kabuki and Contra, my favourite Nintendo games. I’m really over Mario cuz I know this game like you know you favourite T-shirt. And I think it’s a waste of time to play the same old games on and on. Yeah. With the Amiga games I had a problem. I can’t find the right emulator. Maybe if I try harder I’ll be able to play something, but when that time comes, I’ll be doing something else.

About more recently games, I don’t know what I can say that I love the most. I surely enjoyed Left4dead and Portal. And there’s no need to say that I’m going to play some Starcraft as soon as possible.

Till next time, enjoy playing all day long homie!



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