Last seen-Part3

So this is part 3 of my last seen movies list. NjoY!

1-House of Wax

house-of-wax-posterposter by

A group of young people end up in a forgotten small-city where few people live. The city is hard to reach and keeps a secret. There are many wax-figures in real-life person’s dimension here. Soon, the truth will be discovered. The wax figures…were some time ago…alive. Elisha Cuthbert knows better đŸ˜›

2.The Day After Tomorrow

day-after-tomorrow-posterposter by

A new glacial era is developing. And this sooner than anyone expects. When cold and despair match up…it’ll be an intensive struggle for survival. A very interesting thriller. Makes you to think about the debts of hell:P

3. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre-Original

texas-chainsaw-movie-poster-2poster by

5 friends, one sunny afternoon, one crazy dude, one chainsaw, one pain, one nightmare. When this movie came up in ’74 it was a freakin’ phenomenon. I think it’s one of the best horror movies ever made. The remake is also good, but it can’t beat the original.

4. The Thing

the thing posterposter by

A terrifying thiller about an unknown species of alien, capable to transform in every organism it devours. From dogs to human beings, it can reach every form. The problem is do you know who is infected and who’s not?

5. 1408

1408poster by

The story of a writer who seeks a haunted place as material for his new book. He receives a brochure about the Dolphin Hotel, which has a haunted room. 1408. Nobody survives more than an hour in there. Nobody…

6. Iron Man

iron-man-posterposter by

It all began with a simple iron armour used to escape from the terrorist’s hiding place. After this came the more advanced one…used to become a superhero. Another Marvel’s character brough to life in this magnificent world of visual art.

7. Automaton Transfussion

automaton_transfusion_dvd_box_posterposter by

Someone said about this movie “One of the best zombie films in decades”. I’m not sure if that’s true, cuz I didn’t enjoy it like a best zombie movie should be enjoyed. Man, maybe I saw too many movies and I began to expect more and more from the screenwriters…ma bad then:P

8. Antichrist

antichrist_ver2poster by

Now this is a masterpiece. I really enjoyed this movie. It was hard at the beginning to understand all the messages the film is offering, but in the end it all resumes to one thing…the human nature is evil. No more info about the movie. It’s a must seen…so whatafuck you waiting for? Watch it goddammit!

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