So, how I spent my halloween…ohh it was terrific…fuckin’ great man.

I was at home and I watched some videos :))…That’s right, I gave myself a halloween present. First was Day of the dead…Romero original shit, good stuff.

It was the first time I saw this movie…I liked the idea of intelligent zombies and how they can remember stuff from their previous lives.

Then came Saw 2 and Saw 3. Then the american remake of One Missed Call. I can’t find my japanese trilogy of this film…dammit. Then I wanted to see The Eye but it was already too late. So I gave myself another present… A 7 hours good sleep :P.

Next year I have to do something different…gotta kill someone or at least pay a visit to the cemetery :))) [you retarded sick fucks don’t believe what I said in the last sentence…it was a halloween joke…corpse boy]

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