Let’s have some fun [episode 1]

Starting with this moment, I will present you a series of articles, called “Let’s have some fun” in which I’ll present some of the entertainment methods I use to make my life more beautiful :)))

I wonder if you’re saying, “whattafuck is wrong with dis dude?”, “who cares about his fuckin’ way of entertaining?”. Well, you have all the rights in the world to say this, but if you a moron and don’t like reading this, just get the fuck outta ma page.

True story. Me love dem FPSs, since I was born. I remember, as a baby, I used to play with this shotgun in my room. One day my mom came in to bring me milk, or something and I blew her head off :)))) Then I realised that games like Doom 3 or Left 4 Dead are meant for me.

As I was growing up, lots of motherfuckers came to play with my behind ma block. That’s right, I used to live with them gangsta boys…One day, this chick was wondering if she can get closer to me, you know, as a girlfriend. Fuck, I forgot her name [cuz I was 7 then]. And you know, me coming from the hood…I was like…shawty wanna get some action rite? That’s how at the age of 7 I became a headshot teacher. I prepared this chick for real battle and when I put my “gun” in her hand, she was like..”yeah boy, you got the style”. After that I killed her. I was practising with my new gun and I wanted some moving targets, so she was near me and because of that…kaboom…br-bye-bye!

Years have passed and I started to enjoy more than practising on real people. I wanted more so I came across some games. Well, I can’t say exactly what was my first FPS…damn I think it was Half-Life. Anyway, after that came more and more games and today I was like…what should I play? This is what I played:

Moorhuhn was a very popular game in the ’99s in Germany. There are many games in this collection, for Pc and for Nintendo DS. Also you can check this online remake of the first game here.

That’s right…maybe one of the best for-kids shooter. From time to time I like to enjoy playing a few rounds and get mad when I’m missing. It’s great that now I have my own collection of Moorhuhn games [1,2,3 xxl editions, winter edition, kart editions etc] and I’ll post another videos and facts about them. Till then, you can try playing this one. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

[FACT-this kind of material is for entertaining purposes only, so absolute everything said was a creation of my <<sick>> mind. I don’t want you motherfuckers to believe that I killed my mom and many others, cuz I didn’t :)) (but I would love to kill some of them)]. Peace!


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