Let’s have some fun-episode 2

I had some interesting week…time to play some games, I also went to the movies with a couple of friends [more to be revealed] and now I’m talking about a FPS I really enjoy playing.

The game is Delta Force: Land Warrior. Produced in 2000 by Novalogic, Land Warrior is the third Delta Force game. A tactical FPS meant to take you on a journey where you have to use your military skills to put an end to terrorism.

I read on wikipedia that there are 30 missions in this bitch and till now I played 28 of them. [two more to go] The game features in the single player version, two main modes: single missions and campaign mode. I played and replayed the single missions and after that I started the campaign. When I’m done with it, I’ll play it again, cuz man, I love the game.

In the single mission mode, after you pass a tutorial you are sent to deal with the bad guys that are threatening the world’s peace. From rescuing prisoners of war to destroy secret ammo deposits or take out cold-blooded assassins. After you complete a mission in the campaign, you can replay that map in the single mission mode.

Ther missions take you all over the world, from Europe to Africa or  South America. You must fight with terrorists, drug-dealers, kidnappers, all sorts of bad guys. The difficulty of the missions changes. You can easily kill all the enemies in this mission but in the next one, you must be tricky to get the job done.

One thing I truly love in the game are the underground areas. There are a lot of enemies here but also makes you feel that you have to make your way thru a labyrinth. And of course, the way I play the FPS [fast movements and fast decisions] makes this kind of map to be more interesting than it really is.

So long, motherfucker! Yup, he tried to fuck with me…but I got the style baby when I have my gun :)). Don’t worry, be happy, when I’ll replay this map, maybe you’ll get your chance to kill me boy!

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