Me and a couple of friends decided to go to the movies. Yup, the chosen one was 2012. I was curious to see what’s all about this movie and the story behind him.

A month ago I saw this documentary “Nostradamus-2012” and I read some articles regardind the end of the world and the story of 21 december 2012. The movie explains this fact in a fictional way.

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21 december 2012. It seems to be an usual day, but it’s not. It’s the day the world comes to an end. The Apocalypse begins and no-one can do anything about it. Well, that’s not true in the movie. The US government involves in a project that will save the world. If you have one millions euros you can buy yourself a ticket on a multifunctional arc.

Very well-created scenes depicting the destruction of the earth, lots of effects and action. It’s one of the best movies that tell the story of the Apocalypse, but I’m sure that if the Apocalypse will happen that day, the movie will be a little kid to what will happen.

Yeah, I have my doubts about the maya calendar, but it’s not totally sure that this is just a joke. I believe that in 21 december, something will surely happen, even if it’s not the end of the world, but something significant will happen. Remeber this, if my blog it’s still working that day, I’ll surely write about how I was wrong or right about this matter.

See you in the afterlife homie!

One thought on “2012

  1. The End of the World Arrives Three Years Ahead of Schedule
    I had an interesting pre-cursor while going in to see 2012 . I was with a small group of three, and I handed my tickets to the doorman, who, after ripping them and handing me back the stubs, said: “ Enjoy this graphics , this isn’t the kind of movie you go and see for the dialog.” My friends and I looked at each other and laughed. We were also a bit worried. Did we just drop about $15 bucks each to watch another disaster movie with vacant plot and characters? Are we foolish to expect more than a vacant plot and characters in a disaster movie?
    Fortunately, my answer is “No.” The answer from one of my friends who was with me is “Sort of.” But this isn’t my friends review, it’s mine. All mine! So, the answer is decidedly…”No” on both counts. 2012 proves that you can actually have an entertaining disaster movie as well as a few emotional chords to strike.

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