Let’s have some fun [episode 3]

Recently finished…Delta Force-Land Warrior.

The end of the game was the funniest thing that happened to me today. I had some trouble with the last two missions, but in the end I was able to smile and enjoy some hardcore mode of finishing the enemies. Now, this technique is called the chairshot and it’s extremely rare…I mean I’m the first who did it…yup…cuz I’m the best. Look at this two screenshots and try to imagine the pain he was thru before he died.

Poor bastard…I know he was the enemy but such a cruel fate 😦 [don’t you feel like crying?]

Anyway…the last mission I had to take out the New Dawn’s leader, Nikogos Fazekas. Easy, maybe too easy. And that was all. 30 little missions.

After that I played a little bit of Eternal Fighter Zero Memorial. 2D Loli fighting game produced by  Twilight Frontier. The lolis have lots of magical attacks and combos but you have to adopt one strategy if you want to beat some of the characters. Here’s a little gameplay I recorded for youtube.

One thing to add…the narrator’s voice :X damn she so cute when she’s saying attack [when do I get to have a japanese girlfriend????]

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