Idol on Demand +18

It’s official…I love japanese women more than the other women on the planet. [I don’t give a fuck if she’s hot as hell, if she’s not hot as hell, she’s not asian. Period!]

So, why do I love them so much…I have no idea, but I like them, it’s just a normal statement of a young boy who’s deeply in love with the Japanese culture and of course with all the elements of this culture. Today I was curious to watch something different. It wasn’t porn, but a erotic life lesson :))) It was just a softcore production [no p00$$3y exposed, only some n1PPl3$ and lots of skin]

Shizuki Hikari, maybe you never heard of her, hell yeah, I never heard of her till today. Now this babe offered me something I would love not to share with others [don’t think about crazy stuff-I’m talking about the need to have a japanese girlfriend].

She’s cute, she’s hot, she’s nasty :)) cuz that’s how you must be when shooting a video like this one. Screens, yeah I have some screens. You wanna see them, sure you do, you little mothafucking pervert.

As you can see [or cannot see] she’s not naked. And that’s how I prefer girls to be. I don’t like seeing all the girl’s parts. I like them covered, It’s more exciting. I dunno, maybe it’s just me, but I’m not in a position to become a freakin pervert, day-dreaming about naked girls running down the street [in november..brrrr…so goddamn cold]. One girl must be sexy in her own way and that implies clothing. Cuz if you’re sexy just when you’re naked, whattafuck are you looking like…just imagine a woman looking a freaking starfish or something. Jeez…

Anyway, my taste in women it’s not your fucking business, but it could be, if you’re like me and want to…okay, I’ll stop here. Bye!

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