Movie Day

My passion for movies revived this week. I started to watch some TV series… Community, Lost [again], Smallville and The Good Wife.

Community is one of the best comedies produced this year, presenting a group of people from different social categories that end up in the same college. They are so different from each other, yet it seems they are meant to be friends and spend time together. Lots of funny situations and funny characters.

I’m sure you all know something about Lost, right? I just have to re-watch all the seasons till in february when the final season will be aired. Smallville is a little bit old but it has many seasons and episodes so, I just started watching it because I wanted to enjoy many hours on one Tv show.

And finally The Good Wife, it’s about the challenges that a lawyer can encounter in his/her career. It’s about a woman, mother and wife whose husband [ex-lawyer] is in prison because of a sex-tape that caused a big scandal. Because of this, his wife must struggle and fight for her image and reputation, dealing with all kinds of problems. It’s a very intensive drama and I like it.

Okay. This was just the TV series part. It was a long day today. I went to the movies with a friend to see Kate Beckinsale’s new movie “Whiteout”. I gotta admit: I love this chick. Maybe you remember her from Underworld I and II.

It was a cool movie…but the end sucked real hard. I mean all the action and mistery for just some 50 years old diamonds hidden beneath the ice? Ohh…ma bad..I never told you what the movie was about. It was about a murder that took place in a iced-deserted corner of Antartica. Kate is playing a marshall that deals with the possible murderer. Mistery, hidden personalities, dark secrets and a lot of ice and cold weather. But as I said the end of the movie was…not what I expected. Anyway, when I arrived home I wanted some more Beckinsale stuff and I’ve watched Vacancy.

First it seemed that it would be just another thriller with lots of scare the victim tactics. But after the clichee part was over [the engine of the car stops working] I realised that the movie was actually pretty good. Who though about placing some hidden cameras in the motel rooms and record all what’s happening there [murders and stuff like that]. It was a good movie.

Then I watched Vacancy II. Not the same actors but the same plot…only about the beginning of the shit. I truly had a movie day. Tommorow back to school so I should get some sleep…you know dreaming about writing a screen-play or something…zZzZzZzZzZzZzZz

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