Let’s have some fun [episode 4]

OMG, OMG…It really got me…I told you this was going to happen, didn’t I?

Ohhh…I didn’t, okay then, ma bad. It started with the previous article, the one about Zombie Assault. Then I came across the sequel…and it made me play and play and play.

SAS: Zombie Assault 2…in one word, better than the first. I say this because the map is several times larger than in the first game. Also there are 12 weapons [P226 pistol, MP5 submachine gun, M870 shotgun, Ak47 assault rifle, G3 assault rifle, SCAR assault rifle, L115A1 sniper rifle, HK417 assault rifle, M60 machine gun, MG4 machine gun, Vickers sentry gun, ADWS sentry gun]. I prefer playing with the shotgun, in my opinion, the best weapon in any shooter game, FPS, third-person or like this one.

Okay..why I say better than the first game: new types of zombies, their number growing with every wave. Also I have to make money in order to unlock all the areas on the map. I especially like the latrines part and the infirmary…white/green floor and blood all over [true horror scenario].

The plot is simple, just like in the previous game. You have to kill all the zombies in order to advance to the next wave of enemies. You do that and you’re fine. One thing I observed is that you have a regeneration skill and you’re life is growing up again if you were damaged. Good thing to do, cuz after the 15th wave, zombies are attacking like crazy.

But difficulty is the most important thing in a game they say. You can play the game right here.

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