SAS: Zombie Assault

I think this is the best online game I ever played. SAS: Zombie Assault is a zombie themed shooter, where you control the player that must kill all the zombies that come to hunt him down. I personally made it just till wave 17, when I was brutally butchered :))

Zombie Assault is different from the other flash zombie games. You have 6 main weapons, the pistol, M870 shotgun, MP5N submachine gun, L85A2 assault rifle, AWM sniper rifle and the MAG machine gun. What makes it different: the possibility to repair the barricades and also to upgrade them. Another element is the effectiveness of the weapons. Also the possibilty of shooting multiple enemies at once. [I shot 5 zombies once with the shotgun].

Life is the most precious thing you have in the game. If the zombies get to hurt you, you’re gone. There is also a sequel to the game, but I prefer playing this one. So if you’ll excuse me, I got some zombies to kill.

Play it here!

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