Introduction to movie-making

I always loved movies and all that it’s related to them. From camera positions to angles and basic visual materials, all it’s related to this art. So, in this article I’ll talk about some basic notions that are required when talking about movie-making.

I have this project in my mind [till now it’s just an idea and a possible script to be written ASAP], a short horror movie, something abstract, reffering to the FEAR someone could experience. OMG, I just found the perfect name for my production…FEAR! And it’s not related to the game or whatever FEAR named thing you saw.

Okay, shall we start?

First of all, what I learned at school and in my research is that you should use a tripod or something that sustains the camera. Just an amateur would shot a video while he’s running or something and then say “Look man, it’s fucking awesome what I did”. No way punk…that’s wrong…only amateurs don’t know what to do with a camera.

Another thing…if you wanna surprise a character and his interaction with others, try to approach them. Don’t shoot 2 characters from 100000000000000 miles away..okay?

Important scenes are…important :))) Try not to use unimportant shots just to make your movie a little bit longer…it’s boring and it’s wrong. Respect the script, respect the story. It’s hard not to add something into the story, but if it’s irrelevant, then you shouldn’t add anything. Just tell the story the way it was meant to be told.

A correct cut from a scene to another implies relating them. If you have a women talking to a man and then you insert a cat being eaten by a dog scene, then whattafuck you mean by that huh? The same thing goes to a dog talking to a cat and then a shot where a man eats a woman 😐

And to end this article, you must be inventive. If something looks good on the paper but when you have to shoot it, just seems wrong, find a solution and try to get closer to what the script-writer told you. You don’t have to respect all the details in the script but you have to get closer to it, no matter what. Okay, folks. Gotta try to write that damn script and then find some cameras. The weather is just perfect for shooting a horror film. Muhahahaha!

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