Ghost in the…sheet

The end of the year is near…so what’s left for me to do? Well, I found this lil’adventure game and cuz I love puzzles and lots of dialogues in the was my two-nights-perfect-reason to stay awake 😛

I present you Ghost in the Sheet.

After you died…there’s a chance to become a ghost and you’ll be connected to a place where you spent time during your life. Our main hero Ghost in the Sheet was killed by a truck and now he has become a ghost. He will be chosen by a strange Ghost, the Boss, to go and investigate a strange factory where people died but their souls dissapeared.

This is how I started this beautiful adventure. GITS is a dark comedy with various puzzles to solve and of course at some points I needed a walkthrough because I stayed like about two hours to solve one little thing. I mean, these kind of games are meant to get the best out of you, you could become a genius 😀

The game presents the GITS and his/her action in order to discover the truth about the events at the factory…yes I almost forgot…The factory [at first sight] was a bucket making one :)) everywhere you’ll find buckets.

But the truth is much more deeper…they produced this device called…fuck knows how…something like ghostcatching motherfucking device. And all my effort was about finding this device and set free the other ghosts trapped in the factory.

And about my favourite part…that is Niels…or at least what’s left of him. This creature helps you a lot to find out the secrets of the factory. You start with his diary and you end up with him giving you advices.

A good adventure game…perfect for a winter holiday. Try it, homie!

RIP Dan O’Bannon

A sad week for all movie-lovers. As you maybe know [or find out now] the writer of ALIEN, Dan O’Bannon died at the age of 63.

O’Bannon had a thing for science fiction and horror stuff. His name was associated with movies like Total Recall, Invaders from Mars or Return of the Living Dead.

I remember the first time I saw Alien, I immediately fall in love with that story. Science fiction was always a part of me…I possess a great imagination and since I was little I was able to built-up SF stories and draw characters and so on. A man with same dreams is now in a better place. RIP O’Bannon.

Let’s have some fun [episode 6]

Yes…yes…yes…last day in which I had to do shitty thingz [related to doctors…school..shit like that]. Finally free to enjoy my winter holiday 😀

So, cuz I love certain things to happen more often I remembered what I did last winter holiday [playing lots of games :P]. So cuz this article you know it’s related to games Imma tell you about my last few hours :))

I played Guilty Gear XX…best anime themed fighting game.

GGxx is my all-time favourite arcade anime game. Not because I like fighting games, not because I don’t know any other games, but because it simply entertains me. First time when I played this game was last year. Since then, I cannot let it go. I need this game more and more 😛

The game includes Single Player mode, vs CPU, Survival mode, Story mode etc. Today I played a little arcade style and Survival.

I played with two of my favourite characters: Jam and Dizzy. I barely made it with Dizzy till Survival level 30 :)) I know I’m ashamed, but with Jam I played till level 80 then some motherfucker kicked my ass. Anyway, I used my joypad so I fully enjoyed the playing time.

Some other things to say about the game…I realised that I can easily obtain bonus points when fighting without getting too much damage. I also read that I have to play for about 72 hours to get additional charaters or so…I guess it’s a little bit too much, even for media freaks like me.

What I like about the Survival mode is that characters come with changed colors [clothes, skin, weapons]. I also found-out that Faust, the character in the picture above [right], has a magical attack in which he hides under a blanket [going to sleep] and teleports himself behind you [in my case Dizzy] and opens the door that smashes the opponent. Best thing done by one of my opponents. And finally cuz I couldn’t resist, was the battle of the evening: Jam vs. Dizzy [in CPU mode]

I know…hard to beat a character that you started to love, but’s just a game…don’t lose your sense of reality boy. Gotta do another article about this game cuz I love it so much!


Quick update on my last seen movies

I know…I know…you don’t want to see this but it’s just my way of keeping an eye on my memory…sometimes I just forgot things that I don’t consider very important. Like this material…it’s just a quick update on my last seen movies. Cuz I do what I do but I also watch movies. So, no more posters on this one…cuz I’m in a hurry…have to play Half Life online 😛

I am legend
The hills run red
Flight of the dead
Friday the 13th
Hero wanted
The rocky horror picture show
Legion of the dead
Date Movie
The onion Movie

Saw 2
Saw 3
Saw 6
Perfect Opposites
Messages Deleted

It’s not much, considering the amount of time I have for doin’ this stuff. But now I’m busy practising in a TV studio, doing technical research and expanding my knowledge in TV studio work (soon a big material about this). Of course I still play, cuz I’m a geek 😀 and I watch several TV shows. So…why I’m wasting my time here when I have to do so much nerdy thangz???

See you later!

P.S. I forgot to add Jennifer’s Body on my list…guess Megan Fox didn’t influence me at all.

Movie-Making: Rule of Thirds

One of the most important rules when taking a photo or recording a video is to respect the rule of the thirds.

As you can see in the image below, this technique splits the image into 9 parts.

picture property of

Before I went to college and get myself into more deep visual art study, I used to place the subject of the photo/video, right in the center. It’s very amateurish to do this. Now I know that the subject is better placed on one of the dots created by the splitting of the image.

As you can see, the bird it’s not in the center but in the left part of the image. This thing offers the viewer more information about the theme of the picture. We can see where our subject is placed, we can see an important part of the landscape and it feels that the image can “continue”. We easily can imagine what’s going to happen after this shot. Because of the position of the subject, it will move from the left to the right. If the bird is on the center of the image. we cannot say exactly what’s next.

The same goes with filming. You have a subject or several subjects and a landscape/studio background. It’s irrelevant to shoot the subject and the upper part of the scenery. The shot is then split in 2 parts…annoying (as in extreme…the same thing with placing the subject in center). So, what you must do is taking a part of the floor, the subjects and then a part of the background. Very easy and very useful. Next is a video tutorial from YT explaining the rule of the thirds:

I’ll come back with some photo examples of mine showing the right use of the rule of thirds. Till then, be sure to take better photos and shots.

Star Wars Adidas

…or you can call it foot wear of the future. Anyway, seeing these made me wonder…how much will these cost. I’m sure I’ll never buy anything like this…at least not now, when I’m unemployed and geekin’ around, doing nothing, just watching videos all day long.

OK. These models will be included in the 2010 spring/summer season line.

picture property of

I think they’re awesome!!!

Let’s have some fun [episode 5]

Today’s feature…a simple and short FPS: Delta Ops.

The game features 11 missions, including the tutorial. From abandoned ruins to underground secret tunnels and desert army depots, we all have to go and destroy the terrorists’ plans.

An important thing about the game is that you ussualy have to make your way thru an army of enemies that can’t stand in one place. They are always moving like crazy, here and there, even the ones in the towers. So grenades are difficult to use agains human enemies. But because there are no other enemies besides humans, you’re only strategy is to approach and eliminate them.

One strategy that you can adopt during gameplay, [even if that’s not your objective], is destroying of the environemnt. Tents, outposts, towers, with just one click, you can call for a rocket to be launcehd or you can use the grenades.

One of the best missions and of course my favourite is The Refinery. The map seems a little bit complicated, but in the end it’s a simple task. Lots of enemies crawling everywhere, so you have to be careful. Even if the character you’re playing has lots of life force, still too many damage will cause the restart of that level.

Sometims, the terrorist seem stupid. I mean you approach them and they run away :)) and the same thing goes with the citizens. They start to scream or they follow you. And if you kill them, you have a good chance to fail completing the level.

Some of the other equipment you have are the binoculars and the night-vision glasses. Still, night vision can be fucking your mission if there’s a source of light near you. You’ll not see anything and you’ll end up killed, just like it happen to me, few times.

And a score for this game I could say that 7 out of 10 points. I love FPSs but if they offer me much more excitement when it comes to plot.