What happens when gaming meets movie-making? It comes out like this:

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The main attraction of the movie? Besides Gerard Butler? [gotta know him from 300] Yes, besides Gerard Butler!

Well, the art of gaming and the art of film just make a good team. And I can say this because of the plot and because of the visual content. Technology and what is related to it, allows now people to play interactive games in which the characters are other [real] people. It started like a SIMS game, called Society. But because human nature is evil, they wanted more, so Slayers was brough to life. This game allows to control a human and kill others in a “Gears of War”-like competition. Don’t worry, only convicts can be used in this game…and still, it’s evil.

Kable, our hero, won 29 rounds of Slayers. He’s got one more to go and he will be free. But this is where all becomes tricky? Will he make it? Well, you just have to see for yourself.

Some other things about the movie…the hacker parts and the so-called “gameplay” took me back in time, when I first saw Hackers and Pulse. The only thing I think it was exceptional, was the 3rd person view of Kable in action. Totally “Gears of War”! The same thing the producers did in DOOM, when they recreated the first person view. Awesome.

I guess it was a fine movie…after all the tension and plot, the end was too quick, too simple. All things came to a happy end…but a boring one.

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