Movie-Making: Rule of Thirds

One of the most important rules when taking a photo or recording a video is to respect the rule of the thirds.

As you can see in the image below, this technique splits the image into 9 parts.

picture property of

Before I went to college and get myself into more deep visual art study, I used to place the subject of the photo/video, right in the center. It’s very amateurish to do this. Now I know that the subject is better placed on one of the dots created by the splitting of the image.

As you can see, the bird it’s not in the center but in the left part of the image. This thing offers the viewer more information about the theme of the picture. We can see where our subject is placed, we can see an important part of the landscape and it feels that the image can “continue”. We easily can imagine what’s going to happen after this shot. Because of the position of the subject, it will move from the left to the right. If the bird is on the center of the image. we cannot say exactly what’s next.

The same goes with filming. You have a subject or several subjects and a landscape/studio background. It’s irrelevant to shoot the subject and the upper part of the scenery. The shot is then split in 2 parts…annoying (as in extreme…the same thing with placing the subject in center). So, what you must do is taking a part of the floor, the subjects and then a part of the background. Very easy and very useful. Next is a video tutorial from YT explaining the rule of the thirds:

I’ll come back with some photo examples of mine showing the right use of the rule of thirds. Till then, be sure to take better photos and shots.

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