Quick update on my last seen movies

I know…I know…you don’t want to see this but it’s just my way of keeping an eye on my memory…sometimes I just forgot things that I don’t consider very important. Like this material…it’s just a quick update on my last seen movies. Cuz I do what I do but I also watch movies. So, no more posters on this one…cuz I’m in a hurry…have to play Half Life online 😛

I am legend
The hills run red
Flight of the dead
Friday the 13th
Hero wanted
The rocky horror picture show
Legion of the dead
Date Movie
The onion Movie

Saw 2
Saw 3
Saw 6
Perfect Opposites
Messages Deleted

It’s not much, considering the amount of time I have for doin’ this stuff. But now I’m busy practising in a TV studio, doing technical research and expanding my knowledge in TV studio work (soon a big material about this). Of course I still play, cuz I’m a geek 😀 and I watch several TV shows. So…why I’m wasting my time here when I have to do so much nerdy thangz???

See you later!

P.S. I forgot to add Jennifer’s Body on my list…guess Megan Fox didn’t influence me at all.

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