Let’s have some fun [episode 6]

Yes…yes…yes…last day in which I had to do shitty thingz [related to doctors…school..shit like that]. Finally free to enjoy my winter holiday 😀

So, cuz I love certain things to happen more often I remembered what I did last winter holiday [playing lots of games :P]. So cuz this article you know it’s related to games Imma tell you about my last few hours :))

I played Guilty Gear XX…best anime themed fighting game.

GGxx is my all-time favourite arcade anime game. Not because I like fighting games, not because I don’t know any other games, but because it simply entertains me. First time when I played this game was last year. Since then, I cannot let it go. I need this game more and more 😛

The game includes Single Player mode, vs CPU, Survival mode, Story mode etc. Today I played a little arcade style and Survival.

I played with two of my favourite characters: Jam and Dizzy. I barely made it with Dizzy till Survival level 30 :)) I know I’m ashamed, but with Jam I played till level 80 then some motherfucker kicked my ass. Anyway, I used my joypad so I fully enjoyed the playing time.

Some other things to say about the game…I realised that I can easily obtain bonus points when fighting without getting too much damage. I also read that I have to play for about 72 hours to get additional charaters or so…I guess it’s a little bit too much, even for media freaks like me.

What I like about the Survival mode is that characters come with changed colors [clothes, skin, weapons]. I also found-out that Faust, the character in the picture above [right], has a magical attack in which he hides under a blanket [going to sleep] and teleports himself behind you [in my case Dizzy] and opens the door that smashes the opponent. Best thing done by one of my opponents. And finally cuz I couldn’t resist, was the battle of the evening: Jam vs. Dizzy [in CPU mode]

I know…hard to beat a character that you started to love, but hey..it’s just a game…don’t lose your sense of reality boy. Gotta do another article about this game cuz I love it so much!


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