Ghost in the…sheet

The end of the year is near…so what’s left for me to do? Well, I found this lil’adventure game and cuz I love puzzles and lots of dialogues in the was my two-nights-perfect-reason to stay awake ๐Ÿ˜›

I present you Ghost in the Sheet.

After you died…there’s a chance to become a ghost and you’ll be connected to a place where you spent time during your life. Our main hero Ghost in the Sheet was killed by a truck and now he has become a ghost. He will be chosen by a strange Ghost, the Boss, to go and investigate a strange factory where people died but their souls dissapeared.

This is how I started this beautiful adventure. GITS is a dark comedy with various puzzles to solve and of course at some points I needed a walkthrough because I stayed like about two hours to solve one little thing. I mean, these kind of games are meant to get the best out of you, you could become a genius ๐Ÿ˜€

The game presents the GITS and his/her action in order to discover the truth about the events at the factory…yes I almost forgot…The factory [at first sight] was a bucket making one :)) everywhere you’ll find buckets.

But the truth is much more deeper…they produced this device called…fuck knows how…something like ghostcatching motherfucking device. And all my effort was about finding this device and set free the other ghosts trapped in the factory.

And about my favourite part…that is Niels…or at least what’s left of him. This creature helps you a lot to find out the secrets of the factory. You start with his diary and you end up with him giving you advices.

A good adventure game…perfect for a winter holiday. Try it, homie!

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