Welcome, welcome, welcome…

I almost decided to stop writing on this blog but because some people find it useful…I said what the heck…must keep this alive. So…a new year..new challenges 😀

I’m a gamer so I though that I could try something that I really loved from the beginning. That’s right…my all time favourite FPS…Half-Life.

I play like everyday on multiplayer..but man…when it comes to Black Mesa…Gordon Freeman and the Xen…everything changes.

As you probably know…Half Life is set on a large Science Complex. A failed experiment allows creatures from another dimension, the Xen, to enter the human world.

As Freeman, the only one who can put an end to this mess, you must fight and survive, in order to understand what is going on…and to find what is controlling the other dimension.

Zombies, mutants, crazy soldiers…must kill’em all.

I just finished the game, again, but I’ll continue to play with other people on some of my favourite servers.

Hmmm…thinking about that…catch you later…must score some kills now :P.

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