This game comes from one of my favourite writers: Clive Barker.

CB’s Undying is a horror themed FPS, with an interesting plot and characters.

U maybe wonder why I played and finished this game three times :D…well, when it comes to other realms, shotguns and war cannons, howlers and mystic druids…well I just have to admit..I got a weakness for this stuff.

Someone said that because my YT uploaded Undying videos had just a few views, people don’t play this one…U know..their loss.

Undying’s plot presents us an irish adventurer – Patrick Galloway – who must investigate some strange events at one of his friend’s mannor. This mannor hides many secrets because of the tragedy that occured there. All the members of the family died..but they’re not really dead. Patrick will have to confront them in their undead version.These characters will represent the BOSSes which must be eliminated in order to continue playing.

Of course by playing this game, you will find some other facts about the story behind the tragedy. Undying is rich in action, puzzles and enemies.

Skeletons, howlers, thiefs, strange undead creatures…just what I need.

The main character can use different weapons like pistol, shotgun, tibetan war cannon, molotovs, crossbow, phoenix eggs…along with some magic tricks…scrye, shield etc. Magic is useful when dealing with certain points on the gameplay…

Below are two videos I uploaded on youtube…just a lil’bit of gameplay…enjoy!

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