Vampire themed

WOW!! It’s been awhile since the last time I watched some anime. 😐

So, surfing on some anime websites I came across some new titles for 2010. There my attention was captured by one new vampire themed anime called Dance in the Vampire Bund.

Inspired by the manga with the same title, this series are meant to tell the story of the Queen of darkness, Mina Tepes.

She’s one of the descendants of Vlad Tepes, the famous Dracula so she’s from the same country I’m living in [Romania].

What makes this anime different from the rest of all vampire themed ones…first of all, the plot is about a love story, a vampire-girl and a werewolf.

Akira, her partner [barely can name the character like that after just two episodes] lost his memories, but because of one flash we find out that he was close to Mina in the past.

Now she came back to see him. Another interesting thing is that Mina is able to walk out in the sunlight because of some special gel. Attention loli-lovers…episode two shows some half naked Mina. It’s not the most beautiful immature body you’ll see, honestly :)).

Anyway, the story really got me. Can’t wait to see the other episodes.

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