Dancing Queen [H][+18]

~ the following material contains explicit sexual stuff…do not read it if you’re still underage ~ not safe for work!!!!

Okay…this flash H game is NOT the best you can get your hands on. I mean…with minimum of real player intervention…and just a flash video to explain what is going on…Dancing Queen it’s just another…rape and torture japanese hentai game.

We have some ladies and some bad guys. Also some freaking monsters…of course with tentacles [cuz it’s tentacle rape we’re talking about].

Don’t you feel struck by the idea of clichee???

Cuz I do. Why do these people don’t create something more sensual and body-caring?

They prefer to create a story where women are forced to fuck..if you know what I mean…It’s just me or there is as trange feeling in the air…bad things must generate other bad things?

So…if you come across this kind of game…trust me…you’ll see what I’m talking about.

That is why I prefer ecchi games instead of hentai…softcore it’s my deal :D.

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