Astonia 3.5

When I was in search of a great mmorpg..I never though that I’ll digg into this.

Astonia 3.5 – a free to play MMORPG. Easy to install, harder to achieve a decent level.

Well…this is it. A Diablo like MMORPG, with lots of quests and people to know. You start in this fortress near the town of Cameron. You get your first mission to help Lydia with her headache. At first I started to explore the map…like I always do and I got to know better the place.

A trader named Fred helps me to get some money from things I collect during my travels. Cameron is surrounded by a forest where you can obtain some levels…I gained my first 3 levels by fighting wolves and bears.

Till now I explored only Cameron and a little bit of it’s surroundings.

In three days…with all the stuff on my mind [school projects and shit like that] I managed to grow my character Balkarh till level 10.

In Cameron I did some quests related to three magical skulls, Lydia’s potion, mad mages and crazy knights.

Of course some quests are repeatable so if you’re good with patience you can try to level up by repeating those quests. I sure did it!

It’s hard to gain a level after level 7. And it’s even harder to do that only by fighting and not completing quests.

What I hate most..if you die…you lose all your possessions. And quest items and money…all of it.

Below it’s a little gameplay I recorded for my YT account. Enjoy watching it.

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