Dancing Queen-Selfish [H][+18]

~ the following material contains explicit sexual stuff…do not read it if you’re still underage ~ not safe for work!!!!

Yet again…another H game but with a more familiar story.

Don’t you recognize the character? It’s Lala Satalin from To Love Ru.

If you saw that anime, you probably know that we deal with aliens and this flash game it’s not an exception. We forget about the romantic story that the anime gave us and we go hard..and I mean hard…into some electrical body-love.

Our sweet Lala is hunted down by an evil alien who will force-fuck her with some electric wires :)).

That’s something new into-rape torture hentai.

This game only has 5 chapter and only 3 real player intervention attempts.

But they are different from the previous game.

The player has more things…to do to Lala :)).

Of course I’ll not post them here but you can imagine that or you can get the game.

As in too much violent behaviour..this game lacks that. Lala is forced to do some things but in the end..like a real bitch she will do things on her own.

And why I must say again that I fucking hate hoes??

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