Asian girls and not only

I don’t talk much about my taste in women…but today Imma tell you something. As a Japan freak with RPGs and anime on my mind…I must admit that japanese girls..are the BEST!

I mean check Hitomi Aizawa chick…gravure idol…but the truth behind that…a real japanese beauty. makes me wanna cry :))

Those eyes…that figure…that body of course…cuz this is what we are…only thinking about the body.

Well, lemme tell you this, of course we like the body but some of us need to see more deeper than that. Beauty it’s like a flower…gorgeous inside and out.

And when it comes to the most beautiful women on planet [for me and many others] japanese chicks make that real. With all their price placed onto respect and social development [I mean the japanese people]…you just have to think that way.

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Aizawa is 26, she lives in Tokyo, she’s a gravure idol, has several DVDs released and more that that..she’s extremely cute.

More than that, I could say she is a virgin..but that would be a lie [I know it…you know it].

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