Do you lie when bloggin?

I wonder how many of you, for the sake of the material you’re posting, prefer to lie in your article.

U should know, that even in a personal blog, where you share your life experiences with the rest of the world, you musn’t lie at all.

As a journalist I must say that I have to keep myself on the objective side, always tell the truth and if possible to create exactly what the world needs to read. I’m human so I’ll probably make mistakes once in a while, but I’ll not take my way out by lying.

So, what do you prefer? To create a story that makes you look cooler than U really are, to add fictional details to what you’re saying…or just like me, you wanna tell the people exactly what happened, what you’ve experienced.

And it’s not just about blogging, truth can save you…ask God.

One thought on “Do you lie when bloggin?

  1. Thank for your post. I think that blogging should be from the heart. People sharing thoughts. To lie on a blog is a sin. When I blog, I blog about what I am passionate about. Hope to read more of your posts.

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