Ladies vs. Butlers

Today I started to watch this new ecchi themed anime: Ladies vs. Butlers.

The story goes this way…there’s this high school where butlers wannabes can learn to do their job properly.

5 guys and many, many girls…dreamy thing if you ask me :D.

The ladies help the butlers to learn new things and to accomplish their duties.

But of course there’s an exception. From the first day here, Akiharu Hino deals with the strong-headed Flameheart’s family lady.

Because of the situation he is dragged into, he will be considered a pervert.

Clichees we can also find in here..touching what you’re not supposed, stupid female behaviour and attraction between the opposites.

Episode 3 gets more serious when dealing with human relationships. Hino becomes a reliable person and also gives pieces of advice about life and things to do about it.

Looking forward to next episodes.

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