Types of journalism

I was reading thru my notes about types of media institutions, types of journalism and their effect in our society.

Did you know that media can be related to almost everything?

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Well, let me explain this.

We got the daily newspapers, weekly magazines, everyday news sites…right? Beyond this huge collection of information lies the data that makes our lives run. Journalism can be found anywhere…if you know how to look for it. For example, everyday tips and tricks can be a form of journalism. We got a person who’s objectively telling us something.

We got reports, from events, conventions…etc, and then you want to write about that stuff. There it is another part of journalism…reportage and opinion. Nobody can tell a story better than the person who was there. Of course this person can often be used as an important source, if he/she’s not into writing.

You wanna find out the truth about something…you start by research, study, making connections…all this meaning that you’re in a full process of an investigation. You don’t have to work to a national television to do that. Life can put you to this job, when you’re least expecting that.

Entertainment will be probably one of the well-consumed types of media. I say this because right now you’re into my entertaining zone. This is what I do best…dealing with entertainment.

About opinions I said before…so a well written article can convince someone of something. You just have to put in phrases the exact things your brain is processing. Do that and you’ll be fine.

And to end this with another important matter…public relations and journalism. You should know that PR and journalism are two different domains that will always be opposites.

I’ll try to be objective here. PR sometimes uses the advantage of hiding certain things. The image of an institution must be mantained at a higher level. Because of this, PR deals with limitation, with the control of the information. Journalism and it’s purpose are to inform and to find out the truth. On the other hand, not all related journalism stuff will always tell the truth. If you’re unlucky to fall for a false story…shame on the person who brought that up. Some of you will say that if somebody wants the truth, then he must avoid newspapers.

I’ll tell you this…If you’re smart enough you’ll know what to read and believe and what to avoid. If you’re just a stupid cock-sucker…than…shame on you.

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