Besides being fucking stressed-out by the exams I got this week 😦 and besides the fact that I got too much to do in a very short perioud of time 😐 everything is fine…

I just heard that I have more materials to realise for the sake of passing this semester 😦 and I have to learn stupid shits that I’ll forget in about five seconds after my exams.

I started to read Aki Sora manga…first volume is finished…5 chapters of ecchi siblings. Kids these days :)). Yes I also began to watch Chu-Bra [first two episodes] and Kimi Ni Todoke [soon a material about it]. I saw the third episode of Dance in the Vampire Bund…the show is amazing.

What else…let me think…I plan to play some DoTA soon and hope that everything related to school will be fine. Now back to watching some vids, after a long study session 😦

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